5 Top Holiday Gifts Under $50: For the Gadget Freak

Just because we’re ladies, doesn’t mean we don’t love gadgets! I know I can’t leave my house without my phone and iPod, they have become such necessities that I’d feel lost without them. On the subway I’d be lost without my Beats headphones – I cant imagine travelling without them! I used to bring my Sony PSP all the time, but now that I’m using iPhone, I could just play my favorite games anytime and anywhere I want. So, if you plan to do some gadget shopping soon, here are some ideas that might make help you out! And yes, still under US$50!

Marc Jacobs Mini Speakers

For the music mania, this super cute mini speaker from Marc Jacobs would make an awesome gift. Suitable for MP3 players, phone and other audio players. Available in 3 colors for US$42.

Professional Muse Camera

Snap your favorite pictures right away with this 35mm camera. With 22mm wide angle, it’s all about being chic in style! US$29.99.

Jimmy Crystal NY USB

Now restoring data can be so glamorous, thanks to this Jimmy Crystal USB. With total capacity of 2GB, you can totally carry this around with pride! US$48.

Juicy Couture Glitter iPhone Case

Green is definitely the color of Christmas, let’s wrap it up with this glitter iPhone case from Juicy Couture. Available also in golden and navy, it goes as well with your Dior sunglasses as it does your Burberry coat! US$20.

Electronic Notepad

Every gadget mania deserves to have this electronic notepad at home. No more scribbling notes, just record yourself and send the message!