Complete Guide to Visiting Eiffel Tower 2019

Paris, the capital of France is a major hub of commerce, finance, arts, science and fashion. It’s also a popular tourist destination which brings economy to the country. When we hear the name Paris, the first thing that comes to our mind is Eiffel Tower. The tower that is made of wrought iron. Even Santa Justa Elevator, situated in Lisbon is inspired by Eiffel Tower.

It was named after its engineer, Gustave Eiffel. Although during the construction this building was criticized by many artisans, but later it became an icon of France. Eiffel Tower is currently the most visited monument among all other historic monuments. Here is a brief report on the monument –

  • History
  • Design
  • Commute and other attractions


The design was first introduced by Emile Nouguier and Maurice Koechlin. It was Eiffel who acknowledged the design and requested them to sketch it further. It consisted of 4 lattice girders that was standing at the base at an equal distance. Later, both engineers requested the head of architect department, Stephen Sauvestre to improvise the design.

The new version of tower was accepted by Eiffel and he proposed the design to other engineers. After a lot of debate, the proposal was accepted and a proper location was decided for the structure to be built. Eiffel took complete responsibility of the construction instead of acting as a representative. Hence, the tower was named after him.

The procedure wasn’t as simple as it seems. There were many other designers, architects and engineers who were opposing the project of this tower. They considered it a useless project and didn’t approve its design. Gustave Eiffel took it as a challenge and explained every individual about its characteristics and compared its tower to Egyptian pyramid. Slowly he was able to convince a major group and by 1918, Eiffel became the icon of France.


The wrought iron tower weighs around 7300 tons. With the other set ups like, restaurants, lifts and antennas has further extended the weight to 10,100 tons. The height of the pylon is 324 metres which is equivalent to 81 story building. This is the reason why it is known as the tallest structure. The base is square and every pillar is at a space of 125 metres. As the four pillar move upwards, they start tapering and joining at the peak.

The tower consists of three levels out of which the first and second level comprises of restaurants. The top level is a platform which is available for people and is also known as observation deck. It gives people the privilege of viewing the entire city from the crown of a building. There are tickets available at the counter to reach at the top by lift or stairs.

Commute and other attractions

The tower intersects between quai Branly and Pont d’lena thus it is easier to take nearest metro station Bir-Hakeim or the RER station Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel. However, those who have taken a guide should always prefer a tour bus. Taxis are also available, but they might sound expensive and you will also have to face traffic. Rail road is the easiest way to avoid traffic and reach on time.

Ever since this tower is completed it has seen more than 250 million visitors. The towers contain restaurants on the primary level. There were restaurants at the top floor, but they were removed later because the pressure was forcing the tower to sag. The tower has also been used for radio transmission in 1950s. It was in 1957 that the first television antenna was connected on the pylon.  

There are around 72 names engraved on it. These names were of French mathematicians, engineers and scientists who contributed towards the building of this structure.  The tower is situated in such a place that any Parisian window can view the tower. However, the increasing population and number of buildings have restricted its view to many home owners. Since the number of floors in Paris building is restricted to seven floors, only few tall buildings have proper view of tower.

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