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Seven Do’s and Don’ts For Google Adwords Campaign Success:

#1 Make sure your unique selling proposition distinguishes your product or service from the competition – try to incorporate benefits into your ad.

#2 Conduct market research – understand the search habits of your target audience and analyze your audience demographics.

#3 Set budget limits for your campaign costs (daily, weekly or monthly) – don’t spend more than 10 percent of your average sales amount.

#4 Bid on keywords that your target audience uses – don’t make the mistake of bidding too high for popular terms.

#5 Build extensive keyword lists – review where/how your target audience searches, analyze your website traffic and study your competition. Use online keyword generation tools to save time.

#6 Give viewers a reason to click on your ad – copy should include a ‘call to action’ and create a sense of urgency to move the viewer. Use your search terms in the headline and/or ad text and make sure to test multiple ad variations. Incorporate product/brand names, discounts and free trials into your ad message when possible.

#7 Create optimized custom landing pages – make sure your ad copy is relevant to the keywords on the destination page.

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And remember to always monitor and analyze your ad results – check the conversions/click through rates of your ads and keywords often.