Great Products You Need Now Thanks to AI

Artificial intelligence is no longer just in the dreams of scientists. From simple vacuums that clean up crumbs to robotic machines putting together cars, society relies on machines for many things. The mind inside the robotics can benefit and change your life for the better. Scientists and engineers are constantly studying the capacity of intelligence these machines can handle and how far they can go. You can find humanlike companionship in realistic dolls and even more efficient medical care. The limits seem endless in this growing field. Here are some ways technology and AI is helping you every day.

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Medical field

Doctors are finding AI robotics helping in various ways in the ever-growing medical fields. For example, some surgeries require skills that can be difficult for a doctor to perform. This can be because the area in the patient’s body is hard to reach with human hands. The robotic machines can access the areas and obtain vital information, too. Mobile medical apps are being designed to replace the internet searches people do when researching a potential illness or condition. These provide information based on certain calculations. Then, algorithms are created on the data collected. When you type in the symptoms, the program finds what you could have and how severe it is. You can also be connected to a real medical professional to discuss the issues. Software that creates these apps is helping to pave the way to better and more efficient medical care. The medical team will let you know if your symptoms sound severe enough to seek out help from a doctor or whether it can be managed at home. It helps busy people who may not have the time or money to visit a physician benefit from home care (such as a cold or allergies that can be helped with OTC medications).

For the home and everyday life

Whether you are a busy working mom or just need some extra assistance around the house, some robots are there to help. Besides cleaning up your floors, companies are putting out all varieties of robots that can clean your windows and even give you peace of mind. Security cameras that are made for inside your home can be wired to run through a Bluetooth device, with many having mobile apps for your smart device. This enables new and wary parents to keep an eye on the babysitter or even the new puppy left alone for the first time. Many of these cameras come with zooming and wide lenses, motion sensors, and cloud storage. Even supermarkets are adding robots to their stores with large, googly-eyed, AI machines lovingly called Marty. They maneuver around the store, helping customers call employees for assistance. Other major chains have created robots that help you grab items off of shelves and clean up spills.