Safety Tips for the Mining Industry

Mining is a necessary but sometimes dangerous occupation. It is important that every safety measure possible be implemented in order to ensure the well-being of the workers and the equipment.


When it comes to mining, a lot of the material that is piped out can be abrasive or corrosive. Usually, this means that your pipes won’t last very long, no matter what type of metal they are made out of. However, rubber lined pipe has been found to resist corrosion from these materials. Usually carbon steel pipe is used with either natural, butyl or nitrile rubber. Many fabrication companies out there can build and install a system built to your specifications.


Many of the electronics used inside of a mine are being moved around a lot, so they are most often hooked up to very long extension cords that lead in from the entrance. Especially because they are being moved a lot, these very quickly become trip hazards and an electrocution risk. Try to come up with a safe solution, like safely securing multiple extension cords to where the devices are used most often, or providing generators deeper within the tunnels.


One of the oldest concerns for those who work within mines is adequate respiratory protection, almost everyone has heard of the black lung phenomenon. You’ll need to make sure that you are providing ventilation within the tunnels and also the proper personal protective equipment, like fitted face masks at the very least. It’s best to also have more advanced protection on hand and oxygen tanks and clean air rooms for treating those who have been affected.

Cutting corners can only bring disaster and ruin within the mining industry. Taking the time to plan things properly will only help to make the process smoother and keep your employees happier.